The interim leaders of the anglophone consortium have rejected claims made by Cameroon’s state broadcaster, CRTV that the teachers strike action had been called off. CRTV on Saturday, 4 February announced that the strike action had been called off and schools are to resume on Monday, 6 February 2017.

The Consortium was quick to reject the announcement as fake and baseless.One of its leaders posted this on his Facebook wall barely some minutes after the news was made public:

Urgent Communication

We have just been informed that crooked CRTV has announced the calling off of the strike action by some teachers trade union and said classes should resume on Monday. This is the umpteenth time they are doing so. Now let us be very clear. The consortium maintains that the strike action shall only be called off when all components of the consortium meet including those in detention on a live television show. As such, we hereby announce that the strike action continues. Parents should continue keeping their children home. Ghost towns on Monday 6th February should be very effective. All culprits going against the wish of the people should be addressed accordingly. Ghost towns continue on Friday and ultimate boycott of 11th February. We count on you all in the diaspora and La Republique to communicate back home now. We must not sacrifice our leaders in detention at this stage. Please let us double our communication back home. Use all means available to you. Also, the numbers you communicated to us, we are currently sending bulk SMSs. Don’t relent now. We must diffuse CRTV propaganda and put to shame any leader calling off a strike action when our leaders are still in detention.The consortium shall address this more in the hours ahead.

The Consortium is in charge. Just to remind those few trade unionists who have joined the occultic realm of Paul Biya to purportedly call off the strike action so as to kill the aspirations of the people of West Cameroon, that you failed already. It is unheard off to think that while your colleagues whom you sat in the same room dialoguing with the government are in jails, others on the run because of their life’s, you will pen your signatures to call off the strike. Let it be known that any name seen on any document purportedly calling off a strike action will be considered ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. The consortium decree: THE STRIKE CONTINUES.

Below are some of the names of our brothers and sisters in Yaounde. They too deserve better. They have families too who want them out. Some are teachers whose student will suffer. We say no to any manipulated few calling off a strike action. Because of these names (and more to be seen) abducted and detained in Yaounde, we would continue to observe Ghost Towns, We would boycott 11th February till all are released and genuine dialogue called.
Chief Justice Ayah Paul
Barrister Agbor Balla
Dr Fontem Neba
Penn Terence Khan
Mancho bibixy
Elvis ndzenyuy
Veranso stephen
Tatah Elvis
Ngalim Felix
Tsi Conrad
Muforchu Jean Pierre
Tambou cedric
Tangwa malvin
Levala Brian
Awuh Terence
Aselacha martin
Away Dzenyagha junior
Munji Roland
Awemo Joseph
Hillary Ndonkeh
Sunjo Diedonne
Wenong Snow Moses
Kingah Valentine
Yusinyu Gerald
Ndasi julius
Nkembu anicet
Kuyase Leonard
Mungou Azeh
Pang James
Manyaika Gaston
Eugene Ngeme
Tah Emile
Ngoumbe Zack

Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo
For the Consortium.

Source:cameroon concord